Welcome to Foster Jones Studios


Welcome to Our Studios


So glad that you have chosen to connect with our music studios.  Studio’s’ because we teach more than just one discipline.  On the ‘primary’ level, Willa teaches piano and organ.  Rich teaches percussion and classical guitar.  On a ‘deeper’ level, we both teach the language of music, the language of making great art.  We care about individualism, and developing each student to their full potential.  We want to know what else is going on in the lives of our students because this impacts their learning.  We also want our students to know what else we do besides besides make music. Richard also teaches at Nebraska Wesleyan University as well as being Principal Timpanist with Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra and Assistant Principal Percussionist with Omaha Symphony.  Willa is also Director of Worship, Music and Arts at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church.

Here is a little Christmas gift from son Sean.

Just back in Nebraska for a few days for the


Sean says, “Merry Christmas Everyone!

Please enjoy some christmas tunes that some

friends and I recorded last week.”

I am very honored to be accompanied by:

Melissa McMillan - Vocals
Erskine Hawkins - Fender Rhodes Electric Piano
Sean Giddings - B3 Organ, Accoustic Piano, Fender Rhodes
Joel Cross - Guitar
Matt Hornbeck - Guitar
Brian Ward - Electric and Acoustic Bass                                 Visit sound cloud Christmas E.P. 2010
Sean P. Jones - Drumset                                                                                for more tunes!

I’ve learned that you should fill your life with experiences,
not excuses